Age of Adepts Goes to Gravity Tales!

Hey everyone, I'm very happy to announce that Age of Adepts will now be translating by Gravity Tales! They've obtained the license from Age of Adepts's Chinese publisher, 17k, to officially translate the novel. If you missed Greem and all the actions, you can now follow his journey here: Age of Adepts Here's the translator, Eris' introductory post Gravity Tales' announcement post of the project FruitFly

Age of Adepts

Age of Adepts – Chapter 10

“Titan, a physical construction with a powerful magic at its foundation. It is a magical automaton. It is made using mystical materials, such as the Magic Repelling Steel from the Master Material Universe. The primary characteristic of it is the resistance toward the elements.” –Lilo • Ann …… Golems are artificial, self-locomoting objects created by Adepts. The Titan was the most powerful of these golems. The most defining characteristic of these Titans was their resistance toward elemental attacks. In other…

Age of Adepts

Age of Adepts – Chapter 9

At dinner, all the Apprentice Adepts learned that they had gotten a new Apprentice Leader. In regards to this change, most of the Apprentices showed no reactions, and not a single person even asked what had happened to Anksorus. Greem, being quite the opposite of their new Apprentice Leader, Ellen, who was proudly proclaiming his new status in the cafeteria, could barely hold down his ire at his new Apprentice Leader. Although the former Apprentice Leader hadn’t been very nice,…

Age of Adepts

Age of Adepts – Chapter 8

After licking the blood off her face, the girl in the red dress turned around, once again revealing her delicate and seductive face to the two quivering Apprentices. Fenrir, who couldn’t withstand such a powerful visual impact, fainted, his arms and legs splaying out on the floor in random directions. The terrifying and ferocious look of ‘Mary’ had been completely covered up, as she had turned back into the lovely girl with the beautiful face. However, her blood red eyes…

Age of Adepts

Age of Adepts – Chapter 7

His room was small and cramped, being, at most, around twenty square meters. Just by standing at the door, one could see everything inside. There was a bed and a simple old wooden writing table. A few books were messily placed on top of it, one of which was lying open, a few strange and mysterious symbols could be seen on the exposed pages. An old chair was also in sight. The paint on it had been worn away, revealing…

Age of Adepts

Age of Adepts – Chapter 6

A simple Burning Hand magic spell would require Greem to expend approximately 20 Adept energy points, which meant that Greem could cast four Burning Hand spells in a row. But, of course, that was just in theory, as it was extremely difficult to achieve that in reality. When an Adept had a full ‘Energy Pool’, his mind was performing at its best. No matter whether he was pondering over hard questions or casting spells, he would perform the best when…

Age of Adepts

Age Of Adepts – Chapter 5

After submitting his task, Tony immediately rushed back to his room, obviously intending to go to take a nap. After all, every inspection trip would push one’s nerves to the limit, and it really consumed your stamina. In contrast to Tony’s actions, Greem hesitated for a moment, then he turned around and walked toward the library. It was around midday, so there weren’t very many apprentices inside the library. It was a simple stone room with dozens of yellowed wooden…

Age of Adepts

Age of Adepts – Chapter 4

While most of the demons were backing away, in fear of the magical flame which had just appeared in the air, Greem jumped off the path, dug out the soil underneath a nearby Killer Tree, used his magic flame to burn the thick tree root, and finally saw the material that he had come to harvest today. Between the tangled roots and pale white human bones were some small pulpy root nodes. Some were white, some were red, and there…

Age of Adepts

Age of Adepts – Chapter 3

This was an eerie and fearsome magical swamp. Though it was daytime, the thick clouds and fog meant that very little light was able to get through, and thus the world looked quite dreary. The whole world seemed to have a gloomy, earthy yellow tone. After living in such an environment for a long time, even the character of a person would change and become darker. Both men waited until the stone door behind them completely closed up, then Tony…

Age of Adepts

Age of Adepts – Chapter 2

After a long wait, the Biological Assistance Chip finally completed its first self-test. Soon, all of Greem’s basic attributes were projected into his mind. In this world, every normal human being possessed some basic body attributes at birth. After years of research and classification, which had been done by generations upon generations of Adepts, they had finally categorized these into four different attributes: Strength, Physique, Agility, and Spirit. As one could guess, Adepts were differentiated based on these four basic…