About Us

Hey guys, we’re a group of UntouchableFly. We are currently working on the translation of Age of Adepts, a Chinese webnovel.

The translator:
FruitFly, the debonair, yet married (sorry ladies), Translator, lives in Malaysia and has been in love with Chinese Novels for over a decade. He would love to be able to translate novels full time, putting out 2-3 chapters a day!

We would love to be able to do this, translating one (or more, who knows what the future holds!) of the many novels we love for others to be able to enjoy, as a full time job, but, obviously, this is up to our quality as Translator and Editor and the story itself, and how it resonates with you, the readers. It is our hope that you will enjoy reading these novels as much as we enjoy translating them, and would consider becoming one of our Patrons!