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Hey everyone, here’s the update for AoA. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Life is tough, and it hits you at the most unexpected time. I can’t tell you my problem, but that had hindered me in many ways. And yes, it had prevented me from translating.

With a heavy heart, I’ve made the decision to stop translating Age of Adepts and concentrate on my personal issues. The decision is against my will, but it is the best for now. I will not resume the translation for at least 6 months, thus, if you know someone who is interested in continue translating it, do contact me: [email protected].

I can provide all translation history and glossary. I’m sorry that I’ve let you down, and I thank you for your support in me and Age of Adepts. If you wish to have a refund for your current month pledge, do let me know.

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Jack Nathaniel Mikhail

As someone who has enjoyed reading your translations for the past few months, your dedication and passion to bringing this novel to us in English is clear to me. I respect your decision. May the Universe shower much blessings and fortune upon you!
───── Foя all тнє past 150+ cнαpтєяs!
────────── from Jack


Finally Decided to see What was up with the lack Of Chapters , The Only Thing i can say is Thanks for translating this great novel Hope Things get Better for You Sorry This had to happen Hope You Kick Some Ass and get better Good Luck Mate